Thank You Olympics 2010

With the Olympics coming to a close, it was really emphasized to me this year the immense amount of cooperation and collaboration that goes into creating a medal-winning athlete.

Although we only see the top shining stars out on the slopes, ice rink and luge runs, in reality what got them there has included a gigantic amount of people. Trainers. Nutritionists. Sports therapists. Coaches. Assistant coaches. Weight trainers. The list goes on and on…all the way to the screaming fan, jumping up and down in glee, just happy to see their favorite athlete taking the chance at winning.

It is such an impressive showmanship of the immense power and positivity that comes out of working together in an encouraging way. Inspirational really.

I would like to also give a special shout out to two athletes from my home mountain of Squaw Valley USA, Julia Mancuso and Shannon Deanne Bahrke. Both amazing ladies that hale from the Sierras, these women are my heroes. Not only because they won medals, and had great attitudes while doing it, but they have also been quick to point out other people’s involvement in their success. As, Bahrke stated in an interview with Yoga Journal, at first, competing in moguls didn’t look so great, but it was the environment that urged her on, “Mogul skiing looked absolutely awful, but when I went out that first day with the team, I was instantly hooked. I loved the people, the atmosphere, the competitiveness. But most important, I was drawn to the fun.”

And that is what positive collaboration is all about…working together in a fun atmosphere to create greatness.

So, thank you to the Olympics of 2010 for setting the stage for another games that has brought tears of joy, laughter and smiles. It’s been great watching from the sidelines.


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