The Sierra Club and Protect Our Winters Partner to Protect Natural Habitat in Chuitna, Alaska

Protect Our Winters has partnered with The Sierra Club to prevent the construction of a massive coal mine in Chuitna, AK, just forty miles from Anchorage.

PacRim Coal, which is co-owned by developer/entrepreneur Dick Bass, has applied for the permit to construct the mine, which would be the second largest open-pit coal mine in North America. Ironically, Dick Bass also owns Snowbird Ski Resort which has a stellar environmental record, winning the 2007 NSAA Golden Eagle Award for Overall Environmental Excellence by a ski resort.

PacRim Coal plans to unearth 300 million metric tons of coal and ship the coal to China. Coal burned in China, or anywhere else for that matter, affects the global climate and air quality. Burning the Chuitna coal could release 54 million tons of carbon dioxide into the environment annually – the equivalent of 45 million cars.

“The first step in reducing climate change is to stop digging the hole. Stopping this project is the one of the single most important climate change issues we’re dealing with now”, said Jeremy Jones.

Please help put pressure on Mr. Bass to re-think this investment and continue with the positive environmental legacy he started with Snowbird. Visit the No Bass Coal website HERE and sign the petition.


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