Collaboration Quote of the Month

May 28, 2010

We must chase our dreams or they are sure to escape us.

Shanie Matthews

The Basics of Successful Leadership Broken Down by the Shirtless Dancer Guy

May 27, 2010

A great lighthearted look at what really creates a movement, this Youtube is worthy for all ages to watch. Humor creates the best platform for learning…

Collaboration Helping the Trails in Patagonia Survive

May 10, 2010

Living in Patagonia, I have come to realize the magnitude of beauty that exists in the far reaches of South America. Sometimes the views are so awe-inspiring and lovely that it brings tears to my eyes.

So, when I found out about a collaborative effort that helped the access into the inspiring earthly jewels of southern Patagonia, I was excited to share the story of their efforts. Not to mention, the scenery alone is worth the four minutes of time…

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