Help Create National Entrepreneur Day and Celebrate Small Business Creators

Could you imagine a world without entrepreneurs?

Without those that believe that there is another way than the status quo in the business world, life would be much different. In fact, if it wasn’t for those that trust their intuition and act upon their ideas, there would be a lot of lack in the world. For it is those that are not afraid to pursue their dreams and their passions in the hopes of creating a better world — i.e. entrepreneurs — that keep discovery alive and make room for achievement.

Although the following video may be a bit on the corny side, it does have a catchy beat and vital message…business creators are an important part to our society.

And an even more important request…please sign the petition for National Entrepreneur’s Day.

I would like to say thanks to the creators of this snazzy Youtube for celebrating those that help keep the world of business going around.


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