Stop Corporate Takeover of the Internet

Last week, Google and Verizon made it official —  they’re planning a massive corporate takeover of the Internet that creates traffic prioritization.

A corporate attempt to take over access and speed to websites that are not a part of their lobbyist umbrellas is in the making. The United States Court of Appeal ruled in favor of major corporations, saying that the Federal Communications Commission does not have the right to uphold “Net Neutrality”. This is a dangerous path we are heading down. If corporate bullies such as Google and Verizon are able to block certain sites, slow down the speed of access, and charge for bypass of slowdowns and limited access, it will not only change the face of the Internet as we know it today, but it will also break down the bonds of equality that makes the sharing of knowledge via the internet so important.

According to Saturn Smith of

“The ruling opens the door for companies to be able to slow or even block traffic to competing sites. For instance, Comcast currently runs a site called Fancast. Fancast is like Hulu, only well, less awesome. It offers TV episodes and movies, some news and entertainment stuff, and a lot of advertising for Comcast. Who’s to say now that Comcast wouldn’t make sure that anyone trying to access Hulu found it very slow going?”

NthWORD has a great article explaining the situation in more detail.

Despite the U.S. court’s decision, there was a deafening public outcry — with hundreds of thousands of angry letters rolling in, and everyone from Silicon Valley innovators to leading members of Congress weighing in against the dangerous pact.

But one man was strangely silent: FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski.

Help stop the takeover of freedom of speech and net neutrality…please add your name to a letter to Chairman Genachowski, and urge him to denounce this deal and save the Internet:


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