Collaboration Quote of the Month

November 30, 2010
“It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

High Fives Sponsored Athlete Grant Korgan in the Mountains Again After 7 Months of Healing

November 23, 2010

A little inspiration…

Injured Skier NonProfit High Fives and Mountain Rider’s Alliance in Talks about On-Slope Therapy Program

November 18, 2010

High Fives Foundation, a new partner to one of my favorite collaborative movements, Mountain Rider’s Alliance, is a source of love, inspiration and support where and when it is most needed…in the wake of a life-threatening injury.

True friends come to light in times of tragedy and High Fives is showing itself to be a solid shoulder to lean on. High Fives is a nonprofit created to bring awareness and financial support to those that have withstood a life-altering injury while pursuing their skiing or snowboarding passion. Founded by Roy Tuscany, an avid skier stopped short of achieving his dreams of skiing professionally by a major spinal cord injury, was inspired to create the supportive nonprofit during his healing process. With a depth of gratitude for those that were there for him, and for a little injection of Tahoe Spirit in hospital protocol, Tuscany decided to name the foundation after a hand gesture oh-so-popular amongst us all after a ripping line in the mountains.

Thus far, High Fives has been a monumental part of the healing process for  many in my mountain community. From playing a part in the fight against cancer to combating a rare form of MS, from spinal cord injury to brain trauma, High Fives is helping the riding community talk about what is an unfortunate part of life, not to mention a sport that continually aspires to push itself.

Mountain Rider’s Alliance announced last week that they will be working in collaboration with High Fives. In a great meeting between the two organizations, MRA and High Fives began the initial conceptualization of an on-slope therapy program to help those injured when the time comes to get back on the slopes.

Applause to both organizations for offering those in need of support a ray of hope!

Side note: if you are in the Reno area on the 19th of November, there is a benefit for spinal cord injury recovery that is well worth attending!

Reinvention Summit, November 11 – 21, Activating Positive Change in the World through Storytelling

November 10, 2010

If you believe that change is in the air, that working together is monumental in successful change, and that narrative and storytelling are important modes of verbal communication within that change, then you should mark your calender starting tomorrow…

The world’s first Virtual Summit on the future of storytelling – The Reinvention Summit – will be taking place online, November 11-22.

A beautiful example of collaboration, the event is a true cooperation of many: there are 6 co-creators, 20 partners, 54 producers, and 100s of participants exploring the evolving boundaries and application of narrative…32 hours of insights and strategies for how storytelling can reinvent the world. The virtual conference has a diverse all-star lineup of speakers and focuses on the power of the narrative to challenge assumptions and identify ways to change the world.

The minimum investment for being involved in the two-week summit is $11.11, a price creators chose due to its accessibility for all.

As an active participant in various forms of storytelling in hopes of making the world a better place, I am looking forward to this event. Here’s to positive movement forward!

Mountain Rider’s Alliance Gaining Momentum with ESPN Article

November 8, 2010

A collaborative movement for positivity in the ski industry, Mountain Rider’s Alliance (MRA) is gaining traction and moving forward in creating a viable product.

Sparking the interest of ESPN editors, MRA was featured in an interesting article, “Dreaming of a New Ski Area.” As quoted by author Devon O’Neil in the onset of the piece, co-founder Jamie Schectman is thinking big, “I want to partner with the United Nations. I want to have a family that’s currently in Afghanistan come to one of our ski areas and see how we’re running things and then go back to Afghanistan and start one of their own [ski areas] in collaboration with us. How’s that for ambitious?”

Well, in my humble opinion it may be ambitious, but it is also thinking positively…something that may just be a little lacking in our current state of world affairs. We need collaboration that is based on forward-thinking ideologies of peace and that all deserve a great life.

Not to mention that now is the time for us all to work together for a common good. Maybe skiers and snowboarders will help show us the way?

Partnership Between Bogner and SkiDUCK

November 4, 2010

I am excited to pass on the good word that Bogner of America has become the official clothing sponsor of one nonprofit that I am a big supporter of…SkiDUCK.

Bogner establishes, “As one of the best known global lifestyle brands, Bogner has been the world’s leading company of high quality and luxurious ski fashion for more than 75 years. Since the founding days of the company, the Bogner family’s philosophy has always been centered in respect for people and nature as well as the desire to share their passion for sports.

Therefore it is only natural that Bogner has been the official outfitter of the German Winter Olympics Team since 1936. For over 25 years Bogner has been involved in establishing and maintaining the “Textile Clothing Dialog” in Germany which focuses on environmentally friendly and sustainable production.

Now Bogner of America is proud to become the official clothing sponsor of SkiDUCK, a new national non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of disabled and underprivileged children by sharing the joys of skiing, snowboarding, and nature. Through partnering with SkiDUCK, Bogner of America hopes to help spread the passion for sports to children in need.

SkiDUCK works closely with non-profit organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of America, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the Children’s Cancer Foundation to provide underprivileged and at-risk children access to the mountains. Being entirely volunteer based 100% of any contributions made to SkiDUCK go directly towards developing programs and putting kids on the slopes.

Since February 2009, only 2 ½ months after the start of the program, SkiDUCK has taken over 120 children to the slopes and enriched their lives with a new-found passion for skiing and snowboarding. SkiDUCK has even higher hopes for the upcoming seasons and BOGNER will be right with them providing support as the Official Clothing Sponsor and also as a family with desire and willingness to help children in need to get access to nature and sports.”

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