Collaboration Quote of the Month

December 28, 2010
“The secret is to gang up on the problem, rather than each other.”

“I Am Only A Child” Youtube Video Example that Children Know More than Our Governments

December 21, 2010

Why is it that a young girl can speak so eloquently about global challenges that we as adults stumble over?

Surfrider Foundation Teams Up with Protect Our Winters

December 14, 2010

The Surfrider Foundation, the leading name in beach and coastal protection, has teamed up with Protect Our Winters, the top non-profit from the world of snow sports to offer a combined membership that will allow boardsports enthusiasts to protect where they play.

Founded three short years ago, Protect Our Winters has quickly established itself as the leading environmental voice in the snow sports industry. During that time the group has successfully worked to place several solar energy projects in rural communities, appeared before Congress on Capital Hill, and inspired the environmentally-themed film project “Generations.”

For over twenty-five years the Surfrider Foundation has led in beach and coastal protection.  As the original and largest non-profit in the action sports community, Surfrider Foundation has been instrumental in keeping our coastal waters clean through their Blue Water Task Force program, and protecting world-class beaches and breaks such as Trestles from development.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be teaming up with Protect Our Winters,” says Surfrider Foundation CEO Jim Moriarty. “This is a great opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to support two great organizations in protecting our playgrounds, be they sea or summit.”

To be a part of the action, Protect Our Winters / Surfrider Foundation is offering a dual membership for just $40 annually – a $5 savings off buying both memberships separately.

Bu Dongwei, Former Prisoner of Conscience, Asks All to Write For Other’s Rights and Help Prevent Torture

December 4, 2010

In the evening of May 19, 2006, six to seven police suddenly broke into my home. They searched everywhere. But all they found were several books – words on paper.

These books were used as “evidence” against my activities as a practitioner of the Falun Gong spiritual movement, which is banned in China.

Possession of these books led to my torture and persecution inside a Chinese labor camp for two and a half years.

The Chinese government tried to use these words on paper to imprison me, but it was your words on paper that helped set me free.

Your letters will stay in my heart forever.

Send a letter of hope and make a difference in someone else’s life, as many of you did in mine.

My personal case is a witness – your letters make a difference.

I felt the attitude of the guards change toward me for the better when your letters came in. Although I did not see the letters when I was in the labor camp, I knew that I was not alone. The guards knew that Amnesty International and its supporters stood behind me.

From my experience, I know that the attention and pressure from the international community can help improve the conditions of jailed people.

Write for Rights is an important action. Only through the joined efforts of upright and kind people, like you, can we stop the injustice in the world.

Please say that you’ll Write for Rights now. Your words can open prison doors. They can stop torture and prevent executions. Your words can make a difference.

Thank You,

Bu Dongwei
Former prisoner of conscience

**Amnesty International is asking that people send the letters between December 4 – 12 to make a collaborative statement.

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