Inspiring Video of Jody Williams at Women’s TED Conference on Working Together for Change

One Response to Inspiring Video of Jody Williams at Women’s TED Conference on Working Together for Change

  1. I am glad I found your voice and your insight. Guess where, the Colbert Report ! I totally support your views and and concepts and hope that your messaage can be spread all over the world. Keep my name in mind, I am trying to start movements along this same concept in my area in California. If you ever need workers, or guidance to support you when in this area please feel free to contact me.

    Jody, there is one more concept and overlooked insight that you might think about, talk about and utilize to enhance your views. This is the insight; Now that there are so many people on unemployment,but our society being so in love with youth, they are not hiring people over the age of 49. Check stats, I have, its true. With the retirement age within the next year or two moving to 67, that leaves a 49 yr. old 18 years before they can retire, yet, they are not getting hired because they are too old. In the recruiting world it is called “quiet recruiting”, or “bargain staffing.” The government implemented laws to make us stop smoking, we are living longer, but they are taking away our right to work until we are 67. People today are healthy enough and strong enough to work until 67, yet a recruiter can not sell you to a company at 50 yrs. old because you are too old. And from what I am reading from the Wall Street Journal, there is a new system being created, much like our welfare system, the unemployed are being given some money and then forgotten about. No new jobs, no re-hiring programs. Ok, ok, I have some suggestions on what we can do. Implement laws as we have in the past when there was discrimination, employers had to have a percentage of Blacks, Latinos, Chinese, etc. The government would check on and fine a company if this was not happening. Create a law again which enforces employers to have a percentage of people (say 15% at each company) of people from the ages of 50 to 67 years old. I have other ideas, but just to give you input that there are things that can be done to address this issue.

    That is it for now. I appreciate your consideration on this issue. I will watch and follow you, hopefully this concept will be taken into account one day.

    Best regards,


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