POW Collaborating with Alliance for Climate Education to Teach High Schools Students about Climate Change

After months of planning, Hot Planet/Cool Athletes finally kicked off during the X-Games in January and has continued to visit schools, reaching over 3,000 students so far.

Hot Planet/Cool Athletes is a collaboration between POW and Alliance For Climate Education (ACE) and provides pro snow sports athletes with a platform talk to high school students about climate change. The multi-media in-school assembly highlights the athlete’s achievements and personal stories about the impact of climate change on winter sports and delivers a message for students to take action in their own lives. Check out a recent ESPN article about the program Here.

So far, athletes including Gretchen Bleiler, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Seth Wescott, Nate Holland, Ralph Backstrom, Nick Visconti, Mike Wilson, Iris Lazzareschi and Moss Halladay have visited local schools. This is just the beginning! If you want us to visit your school, just email us.

Thank you to our corporate partners – helping us influence and inspire the next generation of climate leaders: The North Face, Clif Bar Family Foundation, The Quicksilver Foundation,
Teton Gravity Research, Whole Foods Market/Highland Dr.

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