5 Examples of Positive Collaboration in the Wake of the Tragedy in Japan

March 16, 2011

Sometimes it is hard to think of the positive in such horrific circumstances as what is facing the nation of Japan right now. But it is often in the darkest moments of life that we see the brightest capabilities of kindness and love.

Here are five beautiful examples of how the Japanese are working together in the face of adversity.

1. A Japanese phrase that locals are saying over and over again to each other are the serene words “stay calm”.

2. When a reporter asked if aid had started pouring in yet, the response was, “No, but the people are helping each other from the bottom up, rather than waiting for help from the top down.”

3. A story of store owner has surfaced of the business man offering up his merchandise for those in need. A line of people with their own carts congregated outside the store, moving along in an orderly fashion to accept the donation. The store owner explained he was giving away all that he had. (He had moved everything outside to give the people access.) There was no greed being shown. The citizens, in turn, took only what they needed, making sure the people behind them would have some of the goods when it came their turn. Another example of sharing: a story of people being served enough Raman Noodles for four, and instead of taking it for themselves, split it with two more, making it a meal for six.

4. Reports show there has been little — to no — looting.

5. The level of mutual compassion and patience is being shown in great magnitude with the working together when waiting in lines — oftentimes for hours on end.

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