Helping Haiti Survive Together

February 1, 2010

It is widely known the devastation that Haiti is experiencing. It is tragic, horrifying and sad to see the living conditions for those survivors.

In spirit of collaboration I would like to give some exposure to two very worthwhile operations that are giving their time and energy to help the people of Haiti.

Stand With Haiti is a non-profit that was actually based in Haiti long before the earthquake. On the ground for the last 20 years, Stand With Haiti was originally recommended to me by a dear doctor friend, Dr. Alex. Dr. Alex is in Haiti now helping the injured and sick. This is her organization of choice to help…and, for me, knowing that she has put her life on hold to help the Haitians, I believe she is really putting her money (and time) where her mouth is.

The Water School

The second non-profit that I would like to offer a loud thanks to is The Water School. I originally came across this organization via a friend that is doing a benefit climb up Mount Kilimanjaro in March to help bring clean water to people in Africa. Created in 2007 by Bob Dell, a water scientist, and Fraser Edwards, a businessman with decades of experience in partnering with indigenous leaders to implement lasting change, the two collaborated to make an ingenious piece of equipment that easily and cheaply disinfects and cleans water for thousands, if not millions, of people throughout Africa. 

The system is easy to teach and The Water School goes from village to village educating the people on how to give themselves the gift of clean water.

Now with the devastating effects of the Haiti earthquake, they are taking their life-saving purification system to another continent and nation.

Both of these non-profits can use our help. Even $5.00 makes a difference. In support and hope for all those in Haiti, thank you.

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